Mandy is from a family that is known for their barn venues. The Fairman's already own two local venues that are highly sought after, but she and Bryan decided to create their own special venue using her parents red barn. The transformation from when they had their engagement session back in June to now was amazing! The twinkle lights were something you couldn't find anywhere else and the country rustic decor was a perfect match. I love the Pittsburgh tradition of having a cookie table and they added a little extra with their milk jars for their guests to enjoy. The Meadow's also made an appearance for those who love ice cream, it was such a cute set up! 

Mandy's dress from White Lace Bridal was a mix of classic, simple style with a little lace and beads that matched her own style so well. As for shoes? She and the bridesmaids sported Nike's all day to add to their comfort of flowing dresses. The boys wore suspenders and you bet I made them work those during our pictures ;)

The evening was cool but perfect to celebrate how many people came together for their celebration. It wouldn't have been a Fairman affair without a relative singing karaoke to friends in low places which I enjoyed watching as well haha! Everyone danced and had a good time and at the end of the night, Mandy and Bryan pulled off a beautiful lantern send off! 

I absolutely loved spending the day with these two and their family and friends! So much happiness all day and I wish you guys the best of luck in the future! Thank you for having me be a part of it!