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Olaf and Mikasa

Welcome to the blog! I'm so excited that Olaf and Mikasa will be featured as the very first blog post. I have 2 fur babies myself and I remember very clearly the 1st days I brought each of them home. Our home was full of excitement and immediately they were spoiled with love, treats, and outfits. Much like these roommates, Ronald and Kala have done for their new fur babies. At just 11 weeks and 20 weeks, these puppies are already experiencing an amazing bond with their new owners.

I still remember Honey having a ridiculous wardrobe bigger than what she ever needed so I totally get the need to buy these sweet pups their 1st halloween costume. Cutest little pumpkin and pinata EVER! Olaf and Mikasa have become fast friends and I enjoyed every minute of the shoot. If you would like one for your furbabies, let me know and I can make it happen!

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