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Where are the kitties?

Next up on the blog, one of my closest friends since high school! Kristy and Mike came out to enjoy the fall weather on the farm with Kristy's daughter Izabella. I have known this little girl since the day she was born and since day one, I've nick-named her Buzy Izzy. She has always been fascinated with her surroundings and chasing everything she sees so I wasn't suprised when she noticed the barn kitties immediately. After every picture was taken she asked, "Now can we look for the kitties?" It made for a fun evening of capturing memories and looking for kittens.

Kristy and Mike have been together for two years now and I think they make a great couple! Kristy's love of life and Mike's laid back attitude compliment each other perfectly. I love how Mike encouraged Izzy's search for the kittens all evening haha!

I loved their outfit choice! Izzy's pop of color was perfect!

It was a beautiful evening and I'm happy Kristy now has some great pictures to hang in her home. If you would like fall family pictures, get a hold of me!

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