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Shannon and Kailyn

When I met up with Shannon and Kailyn, I found out this was mainly Kailyn's idea. I thought it was so sweet she wanted a mother/daughter shoot! They had a short list of things they wanted captured so we started off by including their adorable dogs. Randolf and Rex were hysterical and I think they loved exploring the farm (and keeping their eyes on the barn cats hehe) I LOVED how Randolf ran, well it was more of a waddle but it was the cutest thing ever! We checked this off the list and moved on to the next part, mother/daughter shots!

These girls were so much fun to work with and they didn't mind my crazy requests. They mastered the "have fun with this!" suggestion I made before we started. They even came up with some great ideas for themselves (this eskimo kiss being one of them.) You can tell they have a great relationship and truly enjoy each other's company. You always hear about the teen years being hard, but you would never be able to tell watching these two interact. I've joked about not looking forward to it with my own daughter, but this shoot has completely changed my mind on that.

I was afraid a snake was going to jump out at me with this shot, but it was totally worth it! And I loved the matching walk below, totally in sync with each other haha!

Kailyn is absolutely stunning and I couldn't have asked for a better subject to photograph. She is a dancer as well as a cheerleader for Turners Allstar Team here in Indiana. I was filled in a little bit on the dedication and schedule it takes for this sport and it's no wonder they are a great team. Thanks for a great time girls and I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

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