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Megan and Luke

Meet Megan, Luke, and their sweet dog Willie! Megan is a friend and co-worker of mine and we talk daily through our cubicle wall. I always joke that I need to cut a little window out of mine so we aren't talking blindly all the time haha! She was the first person to schedule pictures with me when I announced my new business so the last few weeks we've been talking and planning what she wanted out of the shoot. I LOVE the color of their outfits and Willi's little bandana was too adorable.

Megan and Luke have been together for almost 2 years now and these pictures really showed the love and happiness between these two. For real, they made this shoot so easy. Luke was so easy-going about it and did every odd request I asked of him haha! Every kiss, eye contact, and snuggle was felt and not acted. Luke also impressed me with his hulk skills. Yeah, I may have actually called him hulk a few times. I mean just look at those arms in the picture below. We hiked around Canoe Creek Park to find the perfect scenery and he had zero problem getting around on those trails. Hard work at the gym must really pay off...he makes me want to get back into it! much beauty on the inside as there is on the outside. We work in a field where patience and tolerance is an absolute must and she definitely has the personality to get through the hard days we sometimes go through. Also, her skin is THAT flawless in real life. No touch ups or editing in the picture. I may be a little jealous! And lastly, the sillouette picture. This really was Megan's only request and I'm so glad we made it happen. I may have almost fallen in a swamp to get this we got it!! Thank you Megan and Luke for showing me around a beautiful park!! I can't wait to go back.

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