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The Christmas Mini Disaster

So I've been trying to plan some Christmas Mini's for those that have expressed interest and stay true to my style photography. I had this great idea to test it out with my own children at a friend's Christmas Tree Farm ( O'Sullivan Christmas Tree's on 119 North). Well...children can be so unpredictable, right?

I first planned to do this on Sunday since I had a cancellation, but then Sunnie decided to take a record-long 4 hour nap (I'm NOT complaining haha) I'm a believer that if they're sleeping, they need it. So I decided to try for the next day when Gage got home from school. Well that led to us missing the sunset, which is my favorite time to do pictures. Oh well, I can work with that.

The evening started off talking to the owner, Eddie O'Sullivan, and then we headed out to explore. As soon as I started taking pictures, my normally easy-going son, was complaining he was cold and didn't want to do any pictures. He refused any of my requests and went running the other way. Oh well...I'll just get Sunnie. Isn't she just a doll!! I feel like she just grew up over night from a sweet little baby, to an independent little toddler! *sniff*

Then Sunnie fell one too many times (thank you Zulily for making me think those boots were actually a size 5) So she was out of the game which allowed me to get this awesome shot of Gage. He's always making crazy faces for the camera, but I still think he's the most handsome boy in the county ;)

Overall, we were only there for about 20 minutes. I didn't get to explore the whole farm like I wanted to find the best spots, but I still got some amazing shots and made some great memories. This just shows that even if you think it's a disaster shoot, I can still squeeze out some great pics. I plan to explore on my own and do a little "set up" ( I mean minimal but it will still be perfect) for those that are interested.

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