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Kenley's Christmas Mini

Ahhh the beautiful Kenley! Her mom, Jen, and I go wayyy back to the college days. In fact, she's the one that helped me decide on a new major when I felt lost on what I wanted to do with my future. (Don't remember that do you, Jen? hehe) I was a Human Resource major hating my classes and I was talking to her during one of our many nights hanging out at Ironwood. She told me about Child and Family Studies and how much she loved it so I switched majors that summer! I now work for Head Start and absolutely LOVE my job! I mean I get to play with adorable babies all day long, who wouldn't love that!

So back to this walking, living All-American doll! She could totally pass as one of those expensive dolls you see in the maganzines. Those blue eyes are just amazing and she has the perfect round, rosey cheeks and blond hair to go with them. I absolutley loved taking her picture and had so many great ones to choose from. Deciding which ones to use for the blog was not easy! Haha!

Jen found this adorble typewriter to use as a prop. It gave the perfect touch for the Christmas Mini and Kenley had a great time writing her letter to Santa. This girl asked her mom for a fascinating facts human body game. She's a very inquisitive little girl so it does not suprise me that she's asking for a game meant for 7-11 year olds lol

I just love Kenley and her mom and I can't wait to do more in the future! The evening was joy and I'm so excited to get these pictures to Jen!

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