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Rob and his three girls

Meet Rob, Jade, Emily, and Autumn! Rob is a father to 3 darling girls, each with their own, distinct personality. I was only with them for an hour, but I could see the differences immediately. Dad contacted me wanting to do a farm themed shoot and asked if there would be a tractor. Just so happens, the tractor was out that day so we got some quick shots with it.

I've already mentioned Autumn in my sneak peek, but I love how you can see her personality shine through here. She is a spunky little girl who LOVED the camera once she warmed up to me. Every few feet I heard, "take my picture here!" and I'd look over to see her striking a pose. She was TOO cute hehe!

Below is Emily, a sweet 4th grader that was smiling during the whole shoot. She may not be as vocal as her younger sister, but her presence was made with her adorable laughter. Her smile could light up any room she walks into.

And there's Jade! The oldest of the girls. She's a senior getting ready for graduation in the spring and I could tell from the beginning that she looks out for her younger sisters. She was so patient while we worked on getting Autumn use to the camera. Our plan was also to snag some Senior pics, but she didn't mind sharing the spotlight with her younger sisters at all. Hopefully, we can get together again so I can get more of just Jade to celebrate her senior year!

Rob is a single dad to three girls. THREE. Could you imagine? It's clear he's doing a great job because I could tell these girls adore their father. They were such a pleasure to work with and I hope to see them again! Hope you enjoy the pictures :)

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