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Three Amigos

It's the three amigos! Olaf and Mikasa came back for Christmas pictures and they brought along their new friend, Titus. I swear these are the cutest puppies ever!!

Titus is the newbie to the bunch. He may be the biggest of the three dogs, but the biggest baby would be more accurate. His owner, Joe, was telling me how he had to literally rock this dog to sleep the first night in his new home. How sweet is that?? Poor pup was scared but I know that he will get used to his new home in no time. Joe is working hard on building a great bond with his new baby.

And here's Kala and Mikasa. Serioulsy, this dog's facial expressions just kill me. Her personality shines through bright just like her mama. Every group has their comedian and Mikasa is definitley, without a doubt, the comedian. I could post like 50 pictures of just this dog and her expressions...but I will refrain haha!

My sweet Olaf!! I'm going to miss his office visits now that Ron has finished his internship. *tear* I guess that just means we need to get together for pictures more often, right Ron!? ;) Olaf is like the cute, innocent little pup that every family wants. This dog even has a heart shape marking on his face! I do think that even though he 's the smallest and the youngest, he'll probably rule this pack haha

And why not snap some couple shots of Ron and Joe? This couple is hysterical together. I wish I could post all of my pictures because it really told a story from beginning to end. There were sooo many funny pictures of these two goofing off and I just loved it. They for real make a gorgeous couple, it should be illegal (not really) but that brings to the point that they in fact CAN get married LEGALLY and it makes me soooo happy. I remember the ruling so clearly over the summer and had a perma grin all day that #lovewins. Woohoo! So Ron and Joe, don't forget your favorite photographer when that day arrives ;)

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