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Amanda, Abby, and Aiden

I met this lovely family out at the farm for some family pictures. Apparently praying to the rain gods will sometimes work because it ended up being such a beautiful morning! 60 degree weather in December? I'll take it haha! It was a little muddy since it rained earlier, but that never stops little boys from having a good time digging in it!!

Mom, Amanda, is so sweet! She was so patient and easy-going during the whole thing and I'm happy to snap some family pictures for her. I always love some candid shots, but having a family with two young children BOTH smiling at the camera at the same time? That's tricky and I managed to catch it a few times woot woot!

Abby was a great little model! Her personality is bright and care free, I just loved it! She went along with the whole shoot without a single complaint. She also took an interest in my camera so I let her take a few shots at the end ;) I have to say this girl has some natural talent!

Aiden is the friendliest little man! He was so excited to show me his super hero stickers and he let me hold on to them until we finished the shoot. Even though he was so fascinated by everything at the farm, he did stop for a couple seconds here and there to snap a pic. Such a handsome boy!

Loved hanging out with these guys! Hope you love the pictures!

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