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Albert/Kapa Family

Meet Sharon and Jackie Albert! I spent some time with their family taking portraits and let me tell ya, they are two very lucky grandparents. Their kids and grandkids were so much fun to work with, I'm pretty sure I was smiling and laughing the whole time haha! I think this picture of the two of them is so adorable. You can still see the love <3 The shoot was scheduled in their beautiful home and Sharon had this gorgeous screen that we used as a backdrop. It worked out so perfect.

Casey and Jackson are the lone boys out of the cousins and even though they are years (and miles) apart, I could see similarities between the two of them. The first one being those good looks. I mean just look at how handsome they are! Models I swear! Secondly, they both have a quiet, calm personality. Both very observant, but they let the girls do most of the talking.

Below are the girls, Caroline, Matteson, and Cameron. These girls have a cool, close bond and it was fun to watch them together. They were giggling and laughing during the whole shoot and their facial expressions...omg the expressions were some of the best I've seen! I wish I could just post them all haha!

Lori, Matteson, and Casey came all the way from Texas to spend Christmas with their family. This is the first time they've all been together in a few years and I was so happy to snap some memories for them. Thank you so much Courtney for getting in contact with me! Here's one last peek of you and Andrew. I hope you enjoy them!

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