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Paint Party!

Welcome to the Paint Party! It's been awhile since my last blog, but I'm excited that this family kicks off the spring portraits! Nettie came to me with this amazing idea to photograph a paint fight with her family. I LOVED the idea and couldn't wait for warmer weather to try it out. The sun finally arrived just in time before I left for vacation so we made it happen! Nettie deserves all the credit for this insanely creative idea. Everything from the outfits to the paint fight was all her! It turned out so beautifully. I absolutely love the colorful patches she put on the boys overalls. Really gave it the perfect touch to the whole set.

I have to say, these boys are way too cute! Cooper is just a doll and cheesed for the camera every chance he got. He's crazy photogenic and I got some really adorable shots of him. I might have found a future match for Sunnie *wink*wink* And Ollie is sooooo handsome! He serenaded me with his ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star songs. Future ladies man right there! He was also so focused on his painting skills. He couldn't wait to get into the paint and make his artwork! After they finished their Picasso artwork, they started into the paint battle.

Alllll squeaky clean before the battle started. The boys were so anxious to just dive in haha!

and THAT FACE! I just love those little lips. Cooper had the first hit and he didn't look too happy, but he got his bro back!

He's working on his master plan right here haha!

And had some help from mom! Looks like Cooper got his payback lol! Ollie was covered in paint (well the whole family was hehe) but it made for some pretty awesome pictures! They had an absolute blast painting everybody and I think Ollie could have done this all night long.

How awesome are Nettie and Ryan to do such a fun activity with their kids!?! Some parents aren't all about the messes, but like Nettie said, messes are what make the best memories! This family knows how to live their life to the fullest and truly enjoy making life lively and fun! If you would like to have your own paint party (or maybe have that creative idea of your own ;)) shoot me a message!! I'd be honored to document the memories to hang on to for a lifetime!!

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