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Las Vegas!

If you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen most of these pics, but here's a little blog of how our trip went. Most of my friends know I enjoy to travel, but that's usually with my friends and sisters while my hubby prefers his hunting trips. So once a year, we plan separate vacations and then a small family vacation with the kids. This Vegas trip was a major spontaneous, last-minute booked vacation. Wade got a bonus and I think what was intended as a joke "Hey, let's go to Vegas" turned into a reality when he realized he said that to the wrong person haha! I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to see a new place!

So unfortunately, I didn't take many pics of the actual city. I didn't feel like lugging my camera around (especially at night) so these are all from our day trips. The biggest thing I wanted to do was check out Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon (yes I'm old and more of a country girl than city ;) What we didn't plan on, was how hard it would be to rent a car once we got there. We stood in line forever to find out our hotel was out of them. So the next day, we tried again at the monster hotel next door (The Mirage) and managed to get one after standing in line forever. It also came at a hefty price so if you plan a trip, plan the car rental ahead!! Especially if you don't want to pay outrageous prices. Wade knew how bad I wanted to do this day trip so he sucked it up and paid the price. Thank you hubby!! muah! The pic above was a little drive by shooting of the huge lake in the middle of a desert.

First stop was Hoover Dam! Because it took us so long to get a car, we got here later than expected. I was so surprised to see how many tourists come here on a daily basis! It was a mad house and we couldn't find anywhere to park. Not a single space. So we stopped at the above over look and on our drive out, good-timing allowed us to find one lonely spot so we could walk across the bridge above. Heights is actually one of the few things that doesn't scare me, but the hubby was panicking a little (ok a lot) He kept telling to hurry up and get my shot so he could get of the bridge lol It was sunny but chilly day and it kind of worked out we didn't get that car the day before because it was 50mph winds. ( did I mention western pa weather likes to follow me on my travels?) That would even make me a little uneasy on that bridge with winds like that.

And here's Red Rock Canyon! I can't even describe in words how massive and beautiful this place was. Wade and I only had time to explore a very tiny portion of this place. Can you see him on the rock below? He looks so tiny ( and my husband is not a tiny guy haha!) If we ever get to go back, I would love to explore more trails out here.

We drove the scenic route on the way back and I couldn't stop staring at the mountains. Sooo amazing! Wade isn't one to stop for pictures (ugh) so I did some more drive by picture taking lol

These are really the only "big camera" pics I have of the city. They were taken basically right outside our hotel, Treasure Island. My camera didn't make it much further than this...oh well.

So the one thing that everyone kept telling us to check out was Old Vegas on Freemont Street. We went on our last day there. I was told to check it out at night, but Wade was adamant about going during the day. I agreed because honestly, it was so cold at nights during our stay here, that I didn't feel like freezing my ass off again while out night exploring. The place was really cool, but yeah, it should have been a night thing. The lights looked like they would have been amazing so now we know for next time. Just goes with the saying "the woman is always right" haha j/k maybe not always, but in this case yes lol

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! because I'm really good at planning (not really lol) I also have a Colorado trip this month to see my bro! Stay tuned because I'll probably write another blog about it!

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