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Oh Sweet Brothers ;)

Meet Eli and Henry! Their mom, Gretchen, is one of my good friends from college and we still make sure to get together a few times a year. Mainly our conversations have shifted to motherhood these days. So much has changed since our days of lounging around between classes in our Tom's Pizza apartment. The good times when you only had to worry about your own behaviors. Now we must work on shaping tiny little humans that have their own original personalities. Some days can be more difficult than others, but it also can be so rewarding. (I know cheesy, but it really is so true) Gretchen has been wanting pictures of the boys but like every other mom I know, she was worried about how the shoot would go. A 3 year old and a 1 year old are no match for me!

Eli let me take some test shots while his mom got his brother ready for the shoot. This kid took his modeling so serious and worked so incredibly well for me! That's really impressive for a three old, not even lying! Now getting them both to cooperate together, whole different story. This is why I rarely plan a shoot ahead of time. I'll research some posing ideas before hand, but at these ages, there is no way to predict how things will go. Winging it has been the story of my life, so why not during photography shoots too haha! Seems to be working pretty well. I managed to get some really adorable shots of the two boys together.

Such handsome little men. Once I got these posed pictures done and out of the way, they did what typical kids do...explore their surroundings!

You see that blanket back there? Yeah this kid was done with sitting still haha! He was all over the place checking everything out, but I got the BEST facial expressions of little Henry while he explored.

And lastly, I wanted to try and get a picture of this gorgeous tree in Gretchen's parents yard. It was the last shot of the night, the kids were restless, and I scrolled my dial the wrong way trying to set my exposure. I was trying to work fast before they took off haha! So this needed a little help with some editing. It's not "technically" perfect, but I'm still in love with how it turned out.

So if you're a parent worried about getting your kids to cooperate for shoots, please don't! Sometimes you get the best shots when things don't go as planned.

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