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Sunnie and Gage

Oh the joys of having a 6 year old and a 2 year old. Although it makes life crazy and interesting, it also makes photographing them harder every year they are older. I'm always taking photos of one or the other, but I really, really wanted to try and get a good pic of the both of them together. Gage was all for it, Sunnie not so much lol. Her smile lasted for a second before she realized she was being held back, then the screaming and crying to break free began. There is no doubt that she is feisty little one and that free spirit I think she inherited from her aunt (yes I'm looking at you Sherri) comes out full force.

There's no denying that most 2 years just love to run! I sort of remember Gage at this age, but I also remember him being so much more calm and easy going. This girl is on her own path, always. Not only does she love to be free and going in the direction she intends, she is soooo mischievous. This girl literally touches everything. In the last month, we've had to replace a toilet, repair my camera, and we will be repainting the walls and doors (markers, crayons, pens, pencils, you name it, she found it) The speed she gets into these things astounds me lol

Sunnie is also such a happy kid! She has the biggest smiles and best giggles, but she is such a whirlwind girl. She goes from happy to pissed in less than a second. Which has led to her nickname Stormie since the day she was born. Absolutely love her little personality and love watching it grow more and more everyday. One of her rare moments of sitting below. Only because she got stuck...which is her favorite word by the way. She finds herself in the most precarious positions quite often so when I hear "help, stuck" I know it's always a laugh.

Gage. lol this kid. Have you ever heard people say that kids are weird? Well yeah they are, especially as they get older haha! I'm constantly asking my friends, "Is this normal?" only to find out, yep. Not only that, he's at that stage where he gives the goofy smiles. I can catch a real one ever so often, but I love love this pic of his stoic face. It shows his personality so much. He's a thinker and observer and I always wonder wants going on in that head of his. He's also so calm. Sure we have battles every so often (usually over food) but I can always count on this kid to behave in school or out in public. Even at age 2 I use to take him shopping with me and never had to worry about him leaving my side. He's also got the most gorgeous dark hair. After a string of really awful haircuts, I've decided to let it grow long. So far he's been ok with it...I hope it continues haha

So what do you do when you want a pic of both kids together, one's crying and the other's making weird faces? Well a silhouette pic it is then! Not one of my best, but I love that I can see Sunnie's curls and Gage's straight hair. As a mom, I would know these are my kids just by a glance if I didn't take this pic myself!

Like I said earlier, my whole goal was to get a pic of them together. Unfortunately, last night wasn't the night. The awesome thing about knowing how to use my own professional camera, I can try any time I want! So if you made it all the way to the bottom of my blog, awesome! I'm thinking about offering a class to teach other moms like me how to use their DSLR. If this is something you are interested, please send a PM!

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