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Shields/Davis Family

I had the honor of doing the Shield's/Davis's family portraits! Jessica contacted me last month about scheduling a session and I was so happy to do this for them. 22 people altogether and even though it was a hot night with a bunch of small children, it all went fairly smoothly! I absolutely loved how they all coordinated their outfits.

The newest additions to this crazy loving family are these 2 month old twins.How precious are they?! And their sweet, older brother was so patient during the whole session.

Grandma and grandpa with all their blessings!!

This family was the first to arrive so we had time to play around and get some extra little shots.

During the shoot, I learned these two are recently engaged and are in the midst of planning a September wedding. So I threw in some engagement and ring shots. How could I pass that up? lol I actually met Leah years ago when we both worked at the Community Guidance Center. We had so much fun together and I couldn't be happier that this sweet lady is marrying her love. Congrats girl!!

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