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Marci and Don

Heyyyy I'm back to writing the blogs! Check out this insanely adorable couple Marci and Don who just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. They told me it rained allll day on their wedding day so they wanted to get some lovely outdoor pics done this year. I love the location they chose so much. Hartwood Acres is a beautiful park located in Pittsburgh.

Marci and Don are seriously the sweetest couple ever! I really enjoyed spending the evening with them. They flew in all the way from Florida for a wedding this weekend and I'm so happy the weather was so much nicer this year. It was a gorgeous evening for outdoor pics in the garden.

The piggy back picture is probably my favorite ever. Marci is even more gorgeous in person (with a personality to match the outside) and she and Don together make one good looking married couple hehe!

They had so much fun trying out different poses and had great input with what they wanted as well! I love couples with creative ideas!

Hartwood Acres is an attractive location spot so there were many other photographers and families there as well. One being a sweet little baby that we could hear playing peek a boo. We had a good laugh listening and tried the same peek a boo method hahaha It got a good laugh.

We searched everywhere for a good ring shot flower and we found this pretty little thing at the very end of the night. I was losing light fast but managed to get a quick shot in! Thank you soooo much Marci and Don for letting me do these. And thank you Donny for keeping track of my phone and lens caps haha I would have the left the park without either if it wasn't for you :)

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