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Peace Family

Last night I had the chance to check out a new location! Nicole Small from Small Barn Wedding and Event Venue invited me out to checkout the place and offered it as a place for me to hold some sessions. I have to say, it is gorgeous out there!! The set up gives so many options for pictures but unfortunately, it started raining not long after we arrived so we didn't have the chance to explore everything this time. The plus though? This place had a couple great areas for poor weather too. Nicole even offered her living room fireplace which was so sweet. We ran out of time, but hopefully next time!

ahhh Tucker. I love this kid. I held him as a newborn and can you believe he had BLACK hair?? Now he's the most adorable blond haired-blue eyed boy. He's so full of energy and so sweet at the same time. He was constantly giving his little sister hugs and kisses. We raced a few times and he made sure that he would win haha He's a fast little boy.

And it started raining not long after we arrived. Grace and Chad were so cool about letting me trying something new in the rain. I tried to capture some rain drops and although it wasn't perfect, it let me know how to change some things for the next time. Adelyn was such a trooper as well. She didn't cry or fuss during the entire thing! She was soooooo happy and I was so happy to spend some time with her. Totally gave me baby fever lol

The rain did not stop us from finishing this shoot. Small Barn Wedding and Event venue has this really large, cute gazebo that we finished our shoot in. So many ideas were running through my head for weddings and I really hope I get to shoot one there some day ;)

By the end of the session, Tucker was really getting into the whole photography thing. I let him take some shots with my camera and then dad handed him his phone. I have to say, this kid at 4 years old has an eye. He took some awesome pics on that phone and I had to capture it.

Thanks Peace family for a great time! And thank you Nicole for letting me check out your venue and hold a session there. Hope to be back soon!

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