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Johnston Wedding

Hey yinz, I had the best time shooting the Johnston Wedding last weekend. Alicia and I went to school together and we share the same circle of friends. It honestly was just a great day seeing old friends and capturing fun memories.

Walking down the aisle with her dad, and they spotted Gauge watching them hehe That baby can just put a smile on anyone's face. Below you'll see them doing the sand ceremony. It was so sweet watching them include the children in the ceremony <3

Alicia just looked stunning and resembled a regal princess. Literally zero edits were done on this picture. Flawless.

The happy Johnston family!

I'm learning that I truly enjoy weddings and my favorite parts are always the receptions. Alicia and Chris are a fun, laid back couple and they had sooo many friends and family with them today. Walking around watching everyone have a great time just puts a smile on my face. Family/friends all come together to just laugh and have a good time. That's what life is about!

Something else I've learned is that the older we get, the harder it is to stay in touch with friends. The groom is here with his kindergarten besties and I love that all their friends came together to celebrate an awesome couple!

So I had this awesome, amazing idea for a night shot planned... and then I dropped one of my flashes on the way outside. UGH. Alicia and Chris (and our behind the scenes helper Jody haha) were so patient with me while I fiddled with things to try and get it working. Unfortunately, I broke the bulb and there was nothing I could do, but we still tried the shot anyways. Didn't come out exactly how I envisioned, but I'll take it :)

Thank you soooo much Alicia and Chris for having me as your photographer. I enjoyed every moment and loved seeing all the happiness surrounding you two.

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