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Meet Kailyn! I love when I get the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous girl. I did fall pictures last year with her and her mom, Shannon, and they are still some of my favorites ever. Shannon got a hold of me earlier this week wanting new ones this fall and I was sooo excited! Amazing how much Kailyn has grown up in one year.

Just stunning. Majority of these pictures are straight out of the camera! No editing necessary!

And we had to replicate a pose from last fall that was one of their favorites. Now we're making it a tradition!

Kailyn also brought along her friend, so we did a few friend poses as well. They were so fun to hang out with.

They also let me try out a new thing using colored gel. I wanted to try and get some purple in there to match the team colors. Now they have updated fall pics and new cheer pics!! Hope you enjoy them :)

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