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Saiani Family

Hey! So a few weeks ago, Erin contacted me about wanting a family session with a twist to it. She wanted me to capture her family do what they love most. Baseball!! I thought it was such a cute and wonderful idea. We met at the baseball field in in their home town and it turned out to be a gorgeous evening. We did some "regular" family portraits and then jumped into the fun stuff!

Erin was telling me that Mike has been a coach for over 20 years! Incredible! And you could just tell that this family lives for the game. The boys have been playing since they could walk and they skipped traditional toys for a baseball and bat growing up.

Jayke and Owen also just have endless amount of energy. These boys are extremely athletic and talented and the saying for the night was "Just one more time!" haha I think they could have continued on way into the wee hours of the night :)

I also just love how they coordinated their outfits. Erin sells the very sought after LulaRoe clothing and the Randy tee couldn't be more perfect for this baseball themed shoot. In fact, I had a shoot earlier this fall using LLR coordinating outfits.It was such a great time doing this shoot, lifestyle shoots are probably my favorite to do, and I'm so happy Erin got in touch with me. Enjoy the pictures :)

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