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Hawk Family

I had the chance to photograph this energetic family last night and the boys were sooo entertaining haha The oldest Caleb, wanted to check out everything in the park. The lake, the creek, the leaves, the sticks and his little brother, Liam followed. They reminded me so much of my own son, who is a huge nature lover. Their youngest, Trevor, gave me the sweetest little smiles all evening. He was just so happy and loved to run around and be chased.

A family of five that includes three boys, doesn't always guarantee a "perfect" family pic, but I pulled off not only one, but a few pictures of all of them smiling and looking at the camera. And of course, we let them giggle and be goofy too. These will always be my favorite portraits.

Little Liam is such a mama's boy. When I asked dad to look into his mom's eyes, Liam immediately said "mommy, I want to look into your eyes!" Heart melted. What a sweetie!

And we made sure to get some pictures of just mom and dad. I know what a busy family life is like, and sometimes you just want to take time for the two of you. I swear Emily and Matt don't age either lol They do not look like parents of three boys!

It was a perfect fall day and we all had a good time enjoying the weather at the park. The boys did wonderful and now the Hawk family has some new family portraits for their wall!

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