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Allen, Joann, Lexi, and George

Hey everyone I'm slacking on the blogs again but this one I had to write. Some of you already know but for those that don't, my maiden name is Blose. I'm part of a VERY LARGE family that are mainly located in Armstrong County (with some family scattered across the country...including my own siblings) My dad is one of 13 children raised on a large farm in Milton, Pa (near Dayton) and that basically means I have 50+ cousins scattered through out the area. If you're from that area, chances are you've met a Blose and chances are, I'm probably related to that person :) So meet my Cousin Allen, his wife Joann, their daughter Lexi, and her boyfriend George!

Lexi reached out to me a couple months ago wanting family pictures as a gift for her mom's birthday. Between the weather and coordinating busy schedules, we were finally able to make it happen! Allen and George were so pumped about this they couldn't hide their excitement! haha I kid, I kid. They weren't thrilled but they were such good sports about the whole thing and I caught some funny and sweet moments with them.

I swear Joann and Allen are the sweetest couple. The Blose family has been doing large holiday gatherings at the farm ever since I can remember and one thing you can always count on is these two being there. They were a staple of my childhood on my dad's side of the family and have a strong belief in family coming first. Allen and Joann always stuck out in my memories, one because I always thought Joanne was so pretty and two, because Allen's nickname is Skinny. When you're 7/8 years old, you take things very literally and his name always baffled me haha! He's the typical big man iron worker but as I got older, I realized the irony behind it :)

Lexi is her parent's pride and joy. She graduated from IUP last year and recently bought a house with her boyfriend, George and their pup, Chief. She's not only smart and engaging, Lexi also inherited her mom's pretty looks! They could be twins other than her bright blue/green eyes. It's also very obvious to anyone that meets them that she's a daddy girl.

So there ya go! Thank you so much Lexi for contacting me! I had a great time seeing you all again (since I missed the turkey get together whoops) I'm a quiet girl from a large family, which can be a little overwhelming at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Proud to be a Blose and proud to call them my family :)

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