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Christmas Sessions

I had a busy day yesterday getting the last of my scheduled sessions in before the holidays! If you're last minute like I am, I still have some time available next weekend if you would like a session done. I promise I can get them back to you that day or the following...which would allow plenty of time to order cards before Christmas!

I am so happy that Kate chose to do a lifestyle session in her own home!! Fun fact, my best friend use to live here so I was already familiar with Kate and Ryan's set up haha! They had their home decorated beautifully and Adalynn was well rested and ready for shoot. She is seriously like a doll! We had so much fun and I enjoyed every second with that sweet girl.

She also had the most adorable Christmas dress on. Kate found a dress on pinterest and searched everywhere for a similar one without a sticker shock price tag. A family friend pulled through and made this gorgeous outfit as a gift. It was identical to the one Kate had her eye on and it was just perfect.

Ahhh my sweet Sophie!! I've known this girl since she was a few months old and she's also only a week older than my own daughter, Sunnie. They had the chance to trick or treat together on Halloween and it was so freakin adorable haha! This is my 3rd shoot with Sophie and she cracks me every time.

I swear it's like a game for her to see how long she can hold out before smiling. Scrolling through all the pics and you can see how hard she tried not too lol but mom and dad won her over with their silliness :)

And meet Carrie and her family! I've known Carrie since the college years (we were roomates at one time) and I've watch her boys grow over the years. They are so handsome and I just can't get over how big they've gotten!

Jayden and Jayce are hockey fanatics (mom is a total sports nut too lol) and they came straight from a game for this shoot! They were awesome and happily posed any way that I asked them too. Sometimes boys can give you the most trouble, but definitely not these two!

And this is Carrie's new husband! They just got hitched this past October and I couldn't be more happy for Carrie. She's suffered an unimaginable loss in her past and it's awesome to see she found love again with Hector. I adored him and the way he looked at her during the shoot. He even had some cute ideas of his own!!

Well my busy season is finally slowing down. I appreciate all of my clients so much this past year and I'm really looking forward to what the New Year brings! Happy Holidays to all my friends and family and enjoy this time of the year!

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