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Kelsey and Tyler

Can I just say I'm loving this winter! Sure we had some snow and a few cold days, but my favorite winters are the ones that sneak in a couple 60 degree days to hold us over until spring. Just like we had this past weekend. Kelsey has been planning this session with me for the last couple months and I'm so happy she was able to have a sunset session before their baby girl arrives.

I traveled out to my family's farm in Armstrong county for this shoot and the location was just perfect. It's been a while since I'd been there and I love the scenery every time. Kelsey and I are cousins and we had some help from our family to get her horse ready for the shoot. And of course, their sweet pup was included in the pictures.

There were soooo many shots that I just loved from this shoot. I have to say, pregnancy looks awesome on her! Gunner also stole the show with him hamming up the camera and sprinting through the fields. He was in Heaven out there.

Congrats Kelsey and Tyler! I had fun hanging out with you guys and I'm so excited for you to become parents. She'll be here before you know it ;)

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