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North Shore Session

Bethany and I have been planning this shoot for a few weeks, but right after she contacted me, the typical unpredictable pa weather turned nasty again. The sun poked out over the weekend and we finally got to meet! Bethany and Duane brought along their sweet baby girl, Aylah! There's no other words to describe her other than she's a show stopper...literally. Everyone walking by just oooh'd and awww'd over this sweet baby!

Aylah also totally made me (and her parents) work for a smile haha She was soooo fixated on my camera it was too funny. But dad got her going and now they have some really precious pictures to cherish.

Bethany and Duane are engaged and in the middle of wedding planning. While they are planning all the details, the date isn't known, yet. Duane signed up for the Air Force and is waiting to hear if he'll be enlisted or an officer. This determines how soon he'll need to report so it'll either be a May or September wedding! Either date, I'm positive it will be a day to remember!

These two were insanely fun to work with. They needed zero direction and really just took the time to enjoy each other's company while grandma tended to their baby. They were laughing and smiling the entire shoot and I was able to capture so much of their fun personalities.

I was also told that Duane picked out the ring all on his own. Huge kudos to him for picking out such a lovely ring! I loved everything about it!

Thank you so much Bethany and Duane for letting me take your pictures! You both were so awesome to work with and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity for a North Shore session! The location was absolutely perfect! Congrats and best wishes!

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