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Taylor + Colton

Meet Taylor and Cotlon. Seriously just the sweetest couple. We talked about careers and the future and these two have such a bright life ahead of them. Colton graduated from the police academy (no easy task, my brother went through it as well) and is now a state trooper and Taylor is getting ready to start her master's program this summer. Exciting things are happening for them right now :)

Next June, Taylor will become a Kennedy and she made the cutest K signs to use for the shoot! I'm so not a crafty person so I appreciate when I have a client that can create something so pretty haha!

And of course we had to include the uniform in the photo shoot. I'm so happy Colton brought it for some pics. It's a uniform to be proud of and the two of them look adorable together!

In typical Western Pa weather fashion, a thunder storm with heavy clouds started rolling in. I was definitely getting nervous we were going to get caught out in it, so we moved into the barn for some shots while it passed. And guess what, it never actually hit us haha you could see the rain off in the fields but it juuuuust missed us.

And always, the ring shot. Colton had this ring specially made to his taste and it is beautiful!!

I loved hanging out with Taylor and Colton tonight. They are such a sweet, laid back couple and went along with any crazy idea I had...Taylor even had some cute ideas of her own! I'm excited for the wedding and I hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

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