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Dance like nobody is watching...

Even if the photographer is 😂 I have to say, these are the kind of weddings I live for. I love music and having a good dance party along with it, and so did the family and friends of Chelsea and Lee. There wasn't a single moment that no one was on the floor dancing 💃

Not only were they dancing, they were all out breaking it down. I caught some really sweet moves through out the night haha!

So many people were jumping that the barn floor was literally bouncing with them.

And the sweetest moments were caught. Love and laughter (and maybe some liquor shots), makes anyone smile.

So, if you're at a wedding and you're feeling the music, don't ever hide it! No one was camera shy and ignored the fact I was snapping away. It made for a night to remember AND pictures that Chelsea and Lee will treasure forever ❤️

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