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A Pirate and his wife

 This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Pittsburgh Pirate Josh Harrison and his wife Brittney's charity event. I was blown away when I found out I got picked for the job because I didn't  even really know what I was applying for, just that it was a non profit charity event. So here's my blog on a small  town photographer spending the morning with a professional athlete :) 

  The charity event was held at Kimpton Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh. This was my first time there and it was so pretty to look at! The architecture, the decor, everything was just beautiful.  Josh and Brittney wanted to give back to the community in a way that supported expectant moms, so they planned a day of  pampering, baby shower games and gifts for them! 

  When guests arrived, the first thing they saw was the table of diaper bags with super cute baby gifts inside. They had boy/girl bags and non gender specific for those that didn't know the baby's gender yet. I  loved seeing everyone's expressions as they looked through them :) 

  There was also a nurse from UPMC to show first time parents tricks to bathing and swaddling newborn babies. She was so informative and provided hands on experience for the new parents. 

   Hair and make up stations were also set up and I have to say, these MUA's were phenomenal! The "first look" on the guests faces were priceless! 

  And you can't have a day of pampering without the massages! They offered hand and back massages from professional masseuses. 

 Josh and Brittney took the time to meet and interact with every guest that arrived. Josh signed cute little onesies and he made sure that everyone also had an opportunity to take their picture with them. They were so incredibly sweet and you could tell how much the event meant to them. They truly care about their community and find it so important to be a part of it. 

 I love the above pic! Josh obviously thinks his joke was just hilarious...Brittney not so much. I think all wives can relate to corny husband jokes haha 

 After all the introductions (each mom also did an introduction) it was time for the baby games! Two lucky moms won beautiful brand new strollers! I'm pretty sure the entire room gasped when they were brought out, myself included! 

 So I hope you enjoyed the pictures! It was such a beautiful event and I was so grateful to be a part of it. As I've mentioned before, I work for Early Head Start and spend my week days servicing expectant moms and their young families in our community here in Indiana County. Overall, I have dedicated the last 10 years of my career to the human service field and working with low income families. This event has touched my heart in such a special way and the foundation as a whole, does incredible work for the Pittsburgh Community. 

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