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"Sisters act like this?"

I had the chance to meet the most engaging couple, Maddy and Nadia last month at Pitt. They are both alumuni and chose the Cathedral of Learning as their engagement session location. I am obsessed with how the pictures turned out! I had so many options, I could have stayed for hours (well I kind of did haha)

During the shoot, we had some great conversations about pride week and what it is like being a part of the LGBTQ community. One thing they mentioned was that people mistake them for sisters all the time. They may both have long, gorgeous, dark hair, but as Nadia said, I don't think sisters interact like this with each other lol Hopefully as we continue to progress, their status will become more easily recognized as a couple rather than sisters in the near future.

Maddy and Nadia also needed little direction from me during the shoot. They were laughing and smiling the whole time, truly enjoying the time spent together. It's really how I want my sessions to hour of quality time together with no interruptions other than the clicking of my camera ;)

Some interesting facts about the girls...Nadia is actually from Mexico, and Maddy is from North Carolina. They both came to Pitt to study for their degrees and love happened! They got engaged during pride week right here on campus. Their story was so sweet and interesting and I loved listening to how they met.

And if you have never seen the inside of the Cathedral, you need to put it on your list. It is amazing. Every little detail will impress you. Of course, this was the ONE time I left my lighting at home but we still got this beautiful pic done :) Thank you so much Maddy and Nadia for letting me capture these moments. It was a true pleasure meeting the both of you and good luck on your future <3

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