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Wolf Wedding

Samantha and Phil found a hidden little gem with the perfect western pa backdrop for their ceremony and reception. White Lily Farm is a modern, updated barn located on a high hilltop right in their hometown, Kittanning, Pa. I literally gasped when I pulled up the night before to meet Samantha and finalize details.

The view of white puffy clouds and green farms stretched for miles around. It couldn't have been more perfect for their small, intimate ceremony.

Samantha was such a stunning bride! I absolutely loved her tulle wedding gown and her flower bouquet was gorgeous!

Samantha and Phil planned plenty of time for portraits so they will have sooo many to choose from. I was so in love with the farm, I had to take their picture EVERYWHERE lol! I don't even know how their going to choose which ones to print and hang 😂

A little fun fact about the groom. He is the baby brother to THREE older sisters. Having a younger brother myself and an older sister, I know too well what their home was probably like growing up 😂 and I also know how hard I've been on my brothers girlfriends in the past. I'm so happy to see the love they have for Samantha and how much they expressed being excited Phil found her ❤️

The details Samantha worked so hard on looked like they were out of a magazine!

One of my favorite 1st dance pictures to date. So sweet!

Samantha's brother gave a toast and he was able to get the whole place laughing in one sentence to crying in the next.

This little baby's smile was just too cute to not share haha

Ah and I loved all the dancing! AFX Entertainment played great music all night long. I couldn't help myself from dancing along (I never can haha) and let me tell you, the groom also had some mooooves going on 😉 and one point, there was a little mini dance off.

The baby pinecone. Samantha pointed them out on the tree while we were doing the portraits and I immediate thought how cute! Baby pinecone to represent their baby marriage. Samantha and Phil celebrated a beautiful day and will continue to grow together. Congrats, I so enjoyed hanging out and getting to know you two! I always get a little sad when it's over 😢 but thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day!

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