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Danielle + Tom

No doubt this will be a wedding to remember for sure! All of their time and planning definitely paid off because this wedding was just gorgeous! The people, the details, the dresses, the was all so perfect.

Not only do Danielle and Tom live a block from the church, her parents live next door haha! So getting ready went off without a hitch and dad didn't have to wait long to get the first look of his daughter in her beautiful dress.

I loved that they went back to the house so Lucy could be included in a portrait ❤️ she's the cutest little pup.

So this whole bridal party was super creative. The girls came up with the idea to make a C out of the boquets and the guys were all wearing their Marvel socks. Can you guess who is who based on the hero?

The groomsmen also totally pulled off the swagger look during the portraits 😉

Tom was so ecstatic to do all my poses again like he was for the engagement haha ok not really but he is always a good sport about it and all their pictures came out beautiful!

Ah, I loved the toasts made by the maid of honor and best man! Both were so sweet and funny.

There were so many fun games going on during the wedding. Jenga, cornhole, some golfball toss (I forget the name 😂) but guests enjoyed them alll night long.

And if you've never been to a wedding where Mixmaster Mike is the D.j, you are 100% missing out. He keeps the flow going all night long and keeps the guests involved in all the fun activities.

I fall in love weddings more and more every time. This day was just amazing! Everyone was laughing, smiling, having a great time and they were all just so sweet. Once again, I truly enjoyed spending my day surrounded by the best people. Congrats Danielle and Tom! You have bright futures ahead of you and so much to look forward to! Thank you so much for letting me be apart of it ❤️

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