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A Winter Wedding

 Nicole and Tyler got engaged while checking out Oglebay Winter Festival of Lights and we did their engagement pictures on a Christmas Tree Farm, so it was only natural to continue with a winter theme for their December wedding. The day turned out to be amazing! It was a sunny, warmish day which can be so rare this time of year in Western Pa. 

 Pre-ceremony we stopped at a field to get some quick bridal shots. The details on Nicole's dress were gorgeous and the whole style of the gown couldn't have been more perfect. 

 The church had their Christmas decorations up and the lights made a pretty backdrop for the ceremony. 

 After the ceremony, we went outside to get the bridal party pictures. This group was so funny and were having such a great time. So much that no one could hear my directions haha  People who know me in real life, know I don't have a loud voice so from now on, I'm bringing a whistle to get everyone in line! 

 Look at that glow! The sunset was soooo amazing and we took advantage of every second. The nice thing about a December wedding? The timing. Typically I take the majority of pictures in between the ceremony and reception and it just so happened that was also the time of the sunset this time of year. This wedding makes me want to do winter weddings every year. 

A little fun fact, their maid of honor reminded me that Tyler and Nicole actually met for the first time at my house. Leah is my sister in law and we use to frequently ask her to house sit. Apparently on one of those occasions, Tyler came over and showed off his swagger skills by shocking himself with our dog's collar haha That must have swooned Nicole right over because here we are, 8 years later, taking some of my favorite wedding pics to date. 

 Nicole's dance with her father was so sweet. They both were trying so hard not to cry, but every time they looked at each other, the tears started flowing. 

 And Tyler's mother surprised him with an awesome slide show of pictures showcasing all the fun embarrassing years as a kid through adolescence. 

 Love these pictures of Nicole's parents. Still so much love between them and a great example for Nicole and Tyler to follow. 

annnnd my favorite part of the night. The dancing! This reception rocked the house. Everyone was on that dance floor (myself included) and there were some amazing moves going down. I'm just going to share the pictures I deem appropriate for facebook haha I'll let the rest be a nice surprise for Nicole and Tyler to look through the privacy of their house ;) 

At the end of the night, bride and her maid of honor shared a dance together. They both tried so hard all day to not shed any tears, but it all came out eventually. Weddings are such a joyous event, part of the reason I've fallen in love with capturing them, but they also mark a huge pivotal moment in life. These girls have spent the last 10+ years being each other's rock, and even with husbands and future husbands thrown in the picture, I'm sure they will always be that rock for each other. Tears of joy ladies! You both have exciting new things headed your way! 

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