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An International Love Story

 Britany first contacted me last summer to inquire about my wedding packages, but her story was a little unusual. She didn’t have a date set...and didn’t know when it would be set. Britany and her fiancé met in his home country, the island of Dominica and they were still waiting for his approval to come to America. Even though the wedding date was up in the air, one thing was certain and that was their love for each other. 8 months after that first message, Eduardo made his way here over Christmas and the date was set! They planned their ceremony in 3 weeks. WEEKS! Britany and her family/friends did an amazing job with everything and they had a beautiful ceremony and reception at Old Mahoning Baptist Church. 

 After the girls finished getting ready, they did a first look before the ceremony. I just loved his reaction! Biggest smile ever! 

 Winter in Pennsylvania as we all know is so unpredictable. We had amazing 50 degree weather the day before, but it didn’t last long at all. On their wedding day, the temperature dropped 20 degrees within hours and solid rain came with it. That just meant we could use the pretty backdrop Britany worked so hard on for the formal portraits 😊

 These girls were so much fun to hang out with. They were awesome bridesmaids making sure Britany and Eduardo's day was perfection. 

 and the colors are so pretty! 

Since the wedding was planned in such short notice, Eduardo’s family and loved ones weren’t able to attend the ceremony. Britany created and amazing “wish you were here” table as a surprise for Eduardo. His reaction almost brought me to tears! 

 I think one of the big reasons why I clicked so well with these two is that they’re as last minute and spontaneous as I am 😂 I’m terrible at planning my life in general and I much rather enjoy having the flexibility of an unstructured life. Here are Britany and Eduardo writing their wedding vows, in Spanish, minutes before the ceremony starts! 

And the reception was beautifully done. Every detail was so pretty! With only 3 weeks of planning and ordering (how did we survive before amazon prime 😉) Britany turned her church basement into a starlight venue reception! 

So this was a first for me. They played the "shoe game" and it was so fun to watch. Britany and Eduardo each held each other's shoes and answered a series of questions with them. It was a fun way to see how much they knew about each other (which they did pretty well at!) 

Britany's sister, Lindsey gave the sweetest speech. Even though Eduardo's family couldn't make it, it was clear that he has been welcomed with open arms into Britany's! 

Thank you and best wishes Britany and Eduardo! It was such a joy being apart of your day and meeting all of your friends and family. Mama Fenton sent me home with enough food to feed me for days haha! 

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