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Taryn + Chris

I still remember the first time I met Taryn. I went on a beach trip with my best friend and her younger sister 15ish years ago and along came Taryn and Maria. My friend was nursing a nice hangover the one evening and since I didn't want to just sit around, I went out with the three of them. I can't really remember much from that whole week, but I do remember us hanging out on the boardwalk causing mischief however we could haha All of us were so young then, early years of college trying to figure out life and have fun at the same time. And all of us ended up in similar fields, with Taryn now officially an RN with her psych degree. She put so much work into it and it all paid off, such a huge accomplishment!

I was so happy when Taryn and Chris asked if I would be their photographer. With already knowing Taryn, I knew it would be a good time. They got married on a pretty summer day at the Indiana Country Club. She wore a gorgeous gown from White Lace Bridal paired with a blush flower bouquet from Lavender Design Co and the colors all blended together so well. The whole day had the perfect romantic feel to it.

The bridal party was awesome to work with. They took my requests in stride and gave me some amazing shots. I definitely laughed while sorting through which pictures to use as a preview and sometimes I think my requests are more for my entertainment than theirs hehe but it was all fun and I can't wait for Taryn and Chris to see the whole gallery.

The rest of night was a bunch of dancing inside and some corn hole and relaxing out on the outdoor patio. Chris's friend made a gorgeous corn hole board engraved with their wedding date and guests spent the whole evening using it. And from my knowledge, none of the bean bags landed in the pool so that's a win ;)

Overall, their wedding day was such a lovely day. Thank you Taryn and Chris for having me be a part of it! I truly enjoyed spending the day with your family and friends. Best wishes!

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