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Christy + Jake

I don't really know where to begin with this one haha There was so much to this day, but I'm a big believer that every moment is important and counts. From the start it rained. Pretty much all day. Made things challenging but also created that many more memories! And days like these are exactly why I always bring 7-8 clear umbrellas to every wedding! It still allowed for outdoor pictures and kept us dry for the most part. The Gathering Place at Darlington Lake was just amazing and we could not pass up going outside for pictures. From the big lake, to the gazebo, to the log buildings with floor to ceiling's a dream venue for any bride! The size of the wedding also made this day so much fun. The bridal party and guests made for some of the best dancing and celebration I saw all year! It turned out to be such an amazing day for Christy and Jake and they really deserved every special moment. Such a fun loving couple with big personalities, I really wish the best for them on their future!

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