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Cummings Celebration

I have loved photographing weddings since the very first wedding I did back in 2016. There's nothing sweeter than capturing people's lives at their happiest moments and this wedding was all the more sweeter.

After literally years of planning, changes, and going through a heartbreaking loss, Lexie and George finally had the celebration they deserved. People will always say how much work weddings are...the time, the details, the money. But in the end, it's always worth it. These two were surrounded by so much love and happiness, you could just feel it all day long. I'm a big believer in celebrating life's biggest moments and having these memories carry with you for a lifetime. They are a great reminder that life isn't always so hard and so many beautiful moments still lie ahead!

Best wishes to my gorgeous cousin Lexie and her hubby George! Thanks for having me there for these moments!

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