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Happily Ever After

Brides will dream of their wedding day for years. They meet their soulmate and plan one of the most important days of their life time to celebrate! So every little detail is accounted for including the dress, shoes, flowers, jewelry and most importantly, the venue. When this pandemic hit, Lexie and George were among many couples who had to rethink every wedding detail that had been planned for well over a year.

They both come from large families and had planned a big celebration to include all the people that are important to them. All that changed, and then changed again. Until it was decided they would have a small elopement in Lexie's parents backyard. And it turned out like a fairy tale! Beautiful weather, beautiful greenery, and those that are closest were with them. The stress of last minute changes faded away as soon as the ceremony started. Their adorable pup, Chief gave us all some laughs and they are officially Mr. and Mrs. George Cummings!

I am so overjoyed they had such a beautiful, happy day. Because for those that don't know, my maiden name is Blose and Lexie is family :) Welcome to our crazy family George! I can't wait for next years spectacular celebration!!

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