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Krissy + Gino

My last wedding of 2020. And what a wild year this has been. From cancellations to postponements to elopements, I never imagined how many times I would have to adapt to changes in one year. But it's done and I can only hope next year goes much smoother.

Again Krissy and Gino had to change their wedding plans no less than 3 times within a matter of months. In the end, it was perfect. Small family gathering at the ceremony followed by dinner at Krissy's parents home. It may have not been what they originally planned, but it was still so meaningful and that's all that matters. One of my favorite things about this wedding was Krissy wearing her mother's dress and grandmother's veil. Absolutely gorgeous with our recent foot of snow and the Christmas décor. I couldn't have ended the year on a better note. Cheers to a bright future for these two and I wish them all the happiness and love!

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