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Night Glam

After 5 years of professional photography, I'd say I've done my fair share of weddings. I am not one to tear up during ceremonies, I'm usually just snapping pictures of what I see while I listen to the vows. Sometimes smile at the cute stories. This one got me. I don't know why it got me, maybe it was the setting, the guests, Jackie and Josh, knowing the troubles they went through to make it happen, but I teared up! Just a little ;)

But seriously they are the sweetest together. Originally an April wedding, moved to June, moved again to August. I'm so happy they had their day. The venue has beautiful twinkle lights and as it got darker out, it gave this old glam feel to it that was just perfect. We took a quick drive over to Hot Metal Bridge (Josh was insistent on this lol) and I think we're all glad we went. We took some amazing pictures, had some fun, and went back and enjoyed the rest of the ceremony!

I know these two will have a beautiful life together and I'm so happy they had me be a part of their day! Love yinz!

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