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Room at the top

Alissa and Patrick's wedding is up there as one of my favorite themed weddings. Not only was it around music, they chose Tom Petty for the music sheets decor and dance songs. My mom was a huge fan while I was growing up and it's one of my favorite memories of her. I also loved, loved how the guests signed old record albums as a keepsake. So unique and matched their personalities so well!

The venue itself was also cool with it's industrial/school house brick look. My first time there and hopefully someday I'll get to make it back! After a beautiful ceremony, the Dj really hit the right vibe with music. Add in the moon shine shots, and it was a dance party all night long! Really had the best time with these two and their family/friends.

Best wishes Alissa and Patrick and let your marriage continue to be full of music and laughter!

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