• Jamie Steetle

Wish You Were Here

Like all of my 2020 weddings, Carly and Jake had some stressful moments with all the changes in wedding plans this year. What I didn't know until I arrived, was that they suffered the loss of Jake's father and Carly's uncle both the week prior to their wedding. I can't imagine trying to prepare such a happy day amidst such sadness, but they did it together and remembered them both in a special way on their special day.

These two were surrounded by such an amazing group of friends and family, it ended up being a wonderful celebration for them. Lots of laughter, a few tears shed, and a whole lot of white claw haha just kidding...sort of. But I'm happy Carly and Jake had the day they deserved and it was great being a part of it!

While you both have already experienced some really tough things together, you also have many more beautiful moments ahead! Best wishes!

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