Abbey, Jax, and Charlie

December 3, 2015

Here's Abbey and her two crazy,energetic boys, Jax and Charlie! Abbey and I met while working at Head Start together. She has since left me *tear* but has moved onto a place that's a closer commute from home. It was a perfect opportunity for her so I can't blame her for not passing it up! I was so excited to see her and the boys again for this photo shoot.


Jax and Charlie are close in age to my own kids, so when she said they may not totally cooperate, I knew exactly where she was coming from haha! We started off without the coats and let me tell you, their outfits were so adordable. As much as I love shopping for my daughter, there is something about boys dressing like little men that makes my heart melt. But, unfortunately, it was just a little too chilly so the coats were put back on. Charlie got some warm mom snuggles and almost immediately, his adorable little smile popped up.

Jax on the other hand, did what any 4 year old boy would do. RUN! haha So we turned our photo shoot into a tag game and I totally got a work out. Nothing like hiding behind Christmas Tree's and jumping out as he ran by to get a shot. I loved seeing him laugh and have fun with it. Sometimes you gotta do whatever you can to make it enjoyble for the youngins.

 And voila!! I managed to get a smiling shot with BOTH of them together at the very end. Sure they have the coats on, and there are no Christmas trees in the backround, but this picture is just too adorable! So like I said in my Christmas Mini Disaster blog, what you may think is a disaster shoot, isn't always a disaster after all.  Hope you enjoy the pictures Abbey! 





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